Your #StaytheFHome Curated Weekend: 4/8 and Beyond

“T.K.O.” by 8bitlexicon

Ah, it’s April Fools, Easter, and there’s so much happening this weekend. Things have been looking a little brighter as the vaccine rollout continues to help the new case numbers stay low (although fears of a 3rd wave haven’t been completely stifled). More venues are opening up now with limited capacity and a new normal may be happening soon. But as we said in the last #StaytheFHome Curated Weekend, we need to continue being careful if we go out and opt to support the local arts scenes we so enjoy from home. Nonetheless, positive moves forward are a good thing and we’ll still keep tabs on the fun stuff happening online this weekend and beyond!

So if you feel comfortable going out, do so with a mask and social distance. Otherwise, let’s get on with your #StaytheFHome Curated Weekend!

  • Drive-In movies!
    • ChiTown Movies – This weekend will include showings of Grease, Halloween, and Mean Girls!
  • Support Local Venues

  • Art Galleries and Special Events

And if you’re opting to stay home, then let’s find something fun to do! Whether you’re doing your part in fighting against police brutality, working out, trying out some new recipes, or whatever catches your fancy; you may still have a few hours in your day that need filling up. There are tons of fun ideas highlighted in this week’s curated weekend including some from previous #StaytheFHome editions where the editors here at Third Coast Review suggested a few things you can enjoy while you’re at home during these social distancing, self-quarantining days!

Since we’re all still in this together, we encourage you to check out Do312’s running list of venues that could use some love! Donate if you can and remember to support them by going to shows once it’s safe to do so!

Stay home and stay safe and healthy. Listen to our healthcare policy experts. Science matters. Wear a mask. Keep washing your hands. And check in on 3CR, where we promote the arts for everyone’s sake.

Let’s try and stay the fuck inside and enjoy your curated weekend!


Proletarian Pledge Drive: a Virtual Fundraiser by CDSA & the Hideout @ CDSA & the Hideout‘s Facebook Pages, the most socially conscience area in your home, 3:00pm
WHAT: Fun virtual socialist times at the Hideout!
SO WHAT: The Hideout is partnering with the Chicago DSA for a spring fundraiser, the Proletarian Pledge Drive, hosted by Billie Bullock. The show will be styled like the radio or television pledge drives of yesteryear, so prepare for a day of fun, music, and socialism! There will be plenty of special guests, including their socialist aldermen, their comrade organizers, musical acts, and more. CDSA will also be hosting a raffle as part of the event! Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win socialist swag and some very proletarian prizes! 1 ticket for $5 and 5 tickets for $20. Buy some for yourself, buy some for a friend,…

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