How Twitter Newsletters Work, and How to Sign Up

  • Twitter Newsletters is a new tool that lets you design, schedule, and publish newsletters.
  • Once you’ve published a Twitter newsletter, you can share it on social media, and decide whether you’d like to charge readers money for it.
  • To start a newsletter, you just need to sign up for a Revue account and link it to your Twitter profile.
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Twitter users can now start their own newsletter via Revue, the Netherlands-based social media and email newsletter company that began in 2015. Acquired by Twitter in January 2021, Revue has companies like Vox Media and the Chicago Sun-Times among its clientele.

This new venture will allow writers and other content creators to generate and publish their own independent newsletters at-cost through a paid subscription. It’s in line with a growing shift at Twitter to offer features that allow popular users to monetize their presence on the platform. 

What are Twitter Newsletters?

With so many Twitter users building brands off of their followings, Twitter argues it’s an ideal home for writers, especially those who want to quickly monetize their popular content on the platform.

The two platforms’ integration also comes from Twitter wanting to compete with Substack, another email newsletter service.

As the service is still in its early stages, you’ll have to sign up for each site independently, but new sign-ups come with a few perks. Revue’s old model had two versions, a free and paid version, but Twitter announced that it would make the paid features free for all accounts, and lower the paid newsletter fee to 5% — “a competitive rate that lets writers keep more of the revenue generated from subscriptions,” according to Twitter.

When you sign-up for a Twitter newsletter, here’s what you’ll be able to do: 

  • Compose and schedule newsletters: You add media, links, and your own original text to your newsletter before publishing it straight away or scheduling at date and time for it to send. 
  • Design your newsletter template: The Design tab under your Account settings lets you choose the color scheme for your newsletter, as well as how content will lay out when it’s delivered to subscribers inboxes. 

    Twitter 1

    You can change the layout and colors of your Newsletter.

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