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There are many ways to define and measure growth. The most obvious for a content creator is numbers–I’m talking social media follower counts, website page views, amount of products sold, and more. Growth as it applies to mindset and mental health could be a change in behavior that leads to a more positive outlook on your personal life and business. When you’re an emerging business owner, there are three factors that, according to Julie Solomon, are absolutely necessary for profit.

“Making your first $100K is the hardest that you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur because it is the first identity change that you typically make when you’re going from that employee…to being a solopreneur or entrepreneur.”

Of course, knowing your why is a must before starting your venture. And contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to be for your “customer” or community.

“People think that their purpose has to be for other people or for other things, and that is not the case,” says the former BlogHer speaker. “It just has to be compelling enough for you.”

Once you’ve solidified your mission, there are three things you need to double revenue and your overall success as a business owner: offer, prospects, and sales. In the above video, Solomon digs into what each of those factors entails, how they’re interconnected, and why they’re equally important, no matter which stage you’re at.

“Your prospect needs to be hungry for your offer, and they have to be willing to pay you for it. In other words, you have to be able to sell a lot of ice to an Eskimo who has money.”

By the way, this is just a small taste of the insights offered in Solomon’s upcoming SHINE accelerator program, which includes in-depth training, mindset coaching, monthly coaching, and more for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Learn more about that here.

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