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If video wasn’t a part of your day-to-day life at the start of 2020, it certainly was by mid-March. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of many digital trends and new modes of communication on a global scale. The latest stats point to a 60% increase in video consumption worldwide since the pandemic began.

While we anticipate social distancing numbers will shift back to pre-pandemic levels throughout 2021, the value of video is here to stay.

Video evolution and its effect on marketing

To see where video is headed, it’s helpful to take a peek at the past. We’ve come a long way since 1941, when the first TV ad aired during a Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies game, promoting a wristwatch to baseball fans.

The dawn of the internet age catapulted video marketing from a television affair to your computer — then eventually to your smartphone and tablet. In February 2005, YouTube hit the scene, and seven months later, the channel’s first viral video — a Nike ad — hit one million views.

Today, one billion hours of video are watched daily on the platform. Facebook videos have 8 billion views per day and 11% of all the content uploaded is video.

The benefits of video marketing can be seen in the numbers. Take these stats from the Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics 2020 report:

• 96% of people watched a video to learn more about a product.

• 84% of people decided to buy a product after watching that brand’s videos.

• 66% of people said their preferred way to learn about a product was by watching a short video versus the next-highest method of reading text (18%).

• People are twice as likely to share videos with friends than other content types.

It’s a digital world, and many consumers spend hours per day scrolling through feeds on their phones. For their thumbs to pause on your content, you have seconds to stand out. That’s where video comes in.

Video marketing trends for 2020 and beyond

The need for a brand to embrace video is clear. But the space is getting crowded as more videos are lobbed online. In 2020 and into 2021, marketers need to develop videos that are strategic, interactive and creative. Here are nine video trends to consider.

• 360-degree video and virtual reality. This technology lets your fans sit in the driver’s seat of a product and take it for a spin in a variety of environments you can control — without the costs and logistics of physically transporting people to these locations.

• Animation. Animation is a great option for illustrating your abstract ideas, products that are in the concept stage and locations where live-action shots aren’t doable. There’s no limit on where animation can take you, and it’s a great way to add a dose of modern flair to an established brand.

• Behind the scenes content. We’re eating up authentic glimpses into…

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