How to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

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When we talk about “influencers,” myriad images come to mind, from dancers on TikTok to YouTubers with brand sponsorships or accounts with a large following. These influencers are generally personalities who attract a following through their lifestyles, humor or physical appearance, and because they dominated the industry first, it’s challenging to view ourselves as potential influencers if we don’t have what they have. For one, building a following has always been seen as challenging, and if everyone could do it, they likely would. 

But there is an opportunity that a select few have zeroed in on: becoming influencers in their industry. And, unlike the flashy pages that have been held as the “Gold Standard,” these industries go beyond “fashion” or “travel photography.” This can include industries like cosmetic surgery, graphic design, wedding photography, or in Glenn Vo’s case, the dental industry.

Vo is the author of Industry Influencer and the leader of a seven-figure dental practice that he grew through cultivating meaningful online relationships. He did this through his Facebook group of dental professionals, a group that numbers 30,000 strong. Vo sat down to discuss how anyone can become an industry influencer in their field and expand their clients or patients to heights they had never before imagined. 

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Determining your ‘triangle of genius’ 

Although it may seem daunting to become an industry expert in industries that appear to be oversaturated, you too have something to give. To find this, Vo recommends using what he calls the “triangle of genius.”

“The Triangle of Genius contains three components that will help anyone find what their specialty is, even within broader industries,” Vo says. “These components point to your genius ability.” 

The triangle of genius contains your strengths, your passions and industry needs. Jot down a few things you’re good at within your industry. Then, your passion ensures that you’re going to work for it.

You chose the industry you’re in for a reason. Why? What compels you to put in the extra work and effort required to succeed as an industry influencer? Finally, “industry needs” refers to the gap in the market where you have an opportunity to start something new. In Vo’s case, “I saw a need in the market for dentists to reduce their spending, so I created a platform to help negotiate discounts and deals for dental professionals looking to reduce their overhead.”

Building an online reputation

Once you have zeroed in on your unique genius, it’s time to get to posting — either in a , in Facebook groups, and on your social media pages —…

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