How Guest Authorship Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

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The premise behind guest authorship is simple. You write an article for an external publisher, get it published, follow up by sharing on and engaging with commenters, and then benefit from the increased visibility. It’s a great time to get started as a guest contributor since most online publications are hungry for new voices.

Many people use guest authorship as a platform to build their reputation, network with other people, or increase visibility for their businesses. But did you know that guest authorship can also make you a better entrepreneur all around? Here’s how.

Audience-focused work

Arguably, your main job as an entrepreneur is giving people something they want. You’re positioning your business to provide a product or service that your needs. To do that, you must research your target audience carefully and appeal to them specifically. This can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with a target audience.

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Working with external publishers forces you to get to know their audiences well. In the right situation, this can help you better understand your own target demographics. Otherwise, you’ll get valuable experience with market research.

Introspection and demonstration of expertise

This is also a great chance to introspect, acknowledging and better understanding your own level of knowledge in your area of expertise. In the course of , you’ll be practicing the Feynman Technique. Pioneered by Richard Feynman, the technique holds that you learn things and retain them better by explaining them to a common audience.

In other words, writing for a general audience will help you reinforce your own knowledge. It will also help you identify and close gaps in your own knowledge.

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This holds true when writing about things you know well, but there are also benefits to taking on topics you know nothing about. 

Research and improved knowledge

As a guest author, you may have opportunities to write about topics outside your area of expertise. To contribute substantive content, you’ll have to go out of your way to research and better understand these subjects. If you do this enough, with enough subjects, you’ll broaden your knowledge and range of expertise. That can come in handy in many ways as an entrepreneur; you can come up with better ideas, work more efficiently and possibly save money by spending more efficiently.

Feedback, criticism and self-development

Writing on a public forum is also a valuable opportunity to hear feedback and criticism. You’ll get to read comments from average users (for better or worse) and hear what they have to say about your work. They may…

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