Pennexx’s Your Social Offers Opens SMS Text Messaging for Merchants to Share Offers O…

Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — (YSO) has added SMS texting, their newest marketing channel, to their growing number of promotional features offered to merchants. Adding the ability for businesses to send their YSO offers via text message is a fantastic way for merchants to spark additional engagements with their customers.

This feature is another motivation for a merchant to subscribe to YSO and we know of no other platform that allows you to as easily log on, create an offer and send it via SMS text message to loyal customers.

This feature is another revenue source for the company. 

A merchant sending a text message directly to a consumer is a well-established method of communications that users expect. Many companies utilize texting for their loyalty programs, often times sending text messages as often as once a week.

Cell phone users read 95% percent of text messages within three minutes of being sent, according to They also state an average response time for a text being a mere 90 seconds, making it an essential addition to the YSO marketing channels.

This makes SMS text messaging a very valuable feature for YSO.

Other statistics report that 98% of all text messages are opened, and 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered.” In comparison, an email open rate is only 20%. For more information on this, go to

The ability to send offers, discount and coupons to loyal customers that can be shared via social media can, when a customer enters their own phone number, grow a merchant’s database with this powerful marketing tool.

According to 84% of consumers have received texts from either a business or an organization. 67% of these are coupons and discounts, so consumers are not alarmed by this type of messaging.

Vincent Risalvato, CEO of Pennexx, said, “As soon as we unveiled the SMS texting feature to our sales team, they became very excited. The team immediately realized how powerful a tool this would be for selling the product and helping businesses market themselves.”

YSO will further develop the text messaging and plans to add many more features to its platform as time continues.

The YSO dashboard continues to grow to be the one stop marketing solution that lives up to PENNEXX’s mission statement, “To empower businesses with unique and affordable solutions, consumers with ubiquitous shopping options, and philanthropic opportunities for all.”

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