Galaxy S21 through S21 Ultra: Everything Samsung announced today



We’re at the tail end of CES 2021 and Samsung decided to launch its next flagship Galaxy S21 line, comprised of the S21, S21 Plus (and S21 Plus with 5G) and S21 Ultra, earlier than usual with an Unpacked event during the same busy week; they start at $729. The launch included Galaxy Buds Pro and SmartTracker, which start at $729. 

The new model is all metal and tougher glass for better durability, with a screen that supports adaptive refresh between 48 and 120Hz and improved low blue light protection. And naturally, a trio of better cameras, and new photo processing hardware with AI. Better bokeh! Pet-specific mode! It adds multishot processing and skin-optimized white balance to your selfie options. 

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: Our first look at Samsung’s new premium…


For video, you’ll be able to pull 8K photos from videos and shoot photos and videos simultaneously, plus a best shot mode. It adds a multicamera view for video as well, with quick switching among them — that sounds very cool.

The phone has an updated processor for faster processing, too, with updated security hardware. Samsung worked with Unity, maker of game developer tools, to optimize gaming.

The S21 Ultra 5G has a better processor, display and cameras vs. its smaller siblings. It’s got a new 108-megapixel image sensor which gives it extra pixels for binning to make better low-light images. “Nona-binning!” “Space Zoom!” That’s a new algorithm, taking advantage of the new folded lens to deliver better zoom between wide and telephoto and lock feature to reduce camera shake.

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