The 10 Social Media Managers to Watch in 2021

New York, New York, Jan. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Social media has become a huge part of our lives over the past decade. With more and more people jumping online every day, it has become the perfect opportunity for businesses to market to their consumers. With attention up for grabs every second of every day, success often comes down to those who are able to capture the most attention – which an incredible social media page will certainly do. However, many businesses and business owners in particular don’t know where to start when it comes to social media. According to Boost Media Agency, if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage your socials, you need an expert social media manager on your team. Each with the own unique area of expertise, here we present the 10 social media managers to watch in 2021. 

Aideé Chavez Frescas (@aideechavezfrescas)

Aideé Chavez Frescas is the founder of Be Mas Social, a social media agency that helps brands become purposeful and inclusive. Its goal is to bring as many people as it can into the fold. Being an inclusive agency, it works with a global community with clients all over the world. As the founder, Aideé is committed to a seamless, stellar client experience and has been described by her clients as ‘organized’ and ‘efficient’. She attributes this to Honey Book as the CRM for her own business. Aideé’s services range from helping clients create their own branded processes for brand growth to helping clients with the whole deal, from strategy to community management.  

Aideé also hosts a podcast, Emprende con Aideé, about entrepreneurship. Over the years, her desire to share her knowledge in a more accessible way has grown. With this in mind, she also created The Social Media Academy for entrepreneurs, for aspiring Social Media Managers (SMM), and for anyone else who wants to maximize social media for their business. Aideé is also a social media manager with deep expertise based on intention and sound content strategy. For her, it is never about how many followers you have but how many people you can help.

Abby Bramwell (@socialmediamama_)

Abby Bramwell is the founder of Social Media Mama, a successful marketing company that helps small businesses fulfill their dreams. Abby is a self-taught entrepreneur whose first project was an Instagram e-commerce store for mums, babies, and children. The idea was born during maternity leave and it became a 6-figure business in 2019. She ran her business off Instagram alone, which requires a tonne of studies to understand algorithms, hashtags, communities, Stories, and so much more. There’s a lot that goes into building a successful business on Instagram, but Abby accomplished her goals and she never went back to that 9 to 5 job. 

It all began back in 2017 and after 2 long years of working non-stop, her store gained over 54,000 followers. She did…

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