Reverse, MLO, Ops Jobs; Social Media, Efficiency, CRA, CRM Products; Broker Training;…

Reverse, MLO, Ops Jobs; Social Media, Efficiency, CRA, CRM Products; Broker Training; Neobank Closures and SoFi IPO

While the industry watches the personnel changes at Arch and National MI, I received several texts and emails pleading, “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021. I’ve experienced the free 7-day trial and I’m not interested.” This, after photos of “Chief Running Bull” at the Vice President’s desk on Wednesday circulated, with the caption, “We spend $750 billion annually on ‘defense’ and the center of American government fell in two hours to the cast of Duck Dynasty and the guy in the Chewbacca bikini.” Tiger King/Joe Exotic appears almost normal! I received this note from Mike Prince with ActiveComply, a firm that works specifically with lenders on social media & website compliance. I never expected to see a loan officer post a photo on social media of a shirtless man with a Viking helmet standing on the Senate floor. But there it was, right next to the lender’s name, a link to its website, and a properly disclosed NMLS ID. Oh boy. Everybody has a right to express their views, of course, but not while promoting loan products on the internet next to their employer’s brand. Social media is the Wild West for lenders right now. The next few weeks will be interesting.” Thank you, Mike!

Products and Services 

Happy New Year – 2021 could not have come sooner! Service 1st announced its second release of Income+ this week. Standardize income calculations using verified consumer data for consistent results every single time! Client requests for multiple data display options, new data sources and deeper analysis were all scoped into this new release. Income+ is eligible for S1’s 30-day free trial period. Additionally, due to its popularity over the holiday break, S1 is extending its “More Than a Handshake” promotion until this Friday, January 8th. More Than a Handshake rewards your company for each loan closed. Lock in 2020 pricing and service levels for our must popular, class leading solutions, such as VOEs, credit supplements and CreditXpert® product enhancements. Act today!

ActiveComply: In light of current events in Washington D.C., ActiveComply has updated its social media compliance system to look for current trending words and phrases that might pose harm to your company image. “We know that a lender’s brand name is invaluable, so let us help you navigate these turbulent days. With the transition to the Biden Administration and a new regulatory environment on the horizon, lenders are increasing compliance efforts to ensure they are not first on the chopping block. Not sure what the future holds for social media compliance? Check out our article on How to Stay Off the Front Page: to ensure your company isn’t on the front page, you have to make moves today to make sure it’s not your brand in the paper tomorrow. Sign-up for a free compliance audit today and download our free…

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