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In an effort to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs throughout the lockdown period, Margret Hirsch virtually hosted the Hirsch’s Entrepreneurs Workshop.

The workshop series, originally hosted at the home store in Hyde Park, wrapped up its final instalment on 18 November. The discussion hosted social media and digital marketing experts Este Pretorius and Saysha Till.

According to Hirsch, having the topic of social media in the last workshop was so important because it is a medium that a majority of the world’s population are currently using.

“With that in mind, there is an immense potential for entrepreneurs in the social media world, I think it just comes down to entrepreneurs knowing where to start and how to go about their social media journey,” she said.

Till, owner of Immortal Art Design and an expert on Facebook, Google Ads and Instagram, echoed Hirsch’s thoughts adding that the potential was essentially limitless when businesses knew how to best approach the platform. “The role of social media in business is to connect and bond with customers in a meaningful way. Customers are looking to engage with brands that do more than just sell, it is all about connecting,” she said.

According to Instagram’s user statics for last year, an estimated one billion accounts are active every month, more than 90 per cent of the total number of accounts on the platform follow business accounts and more than 500-million share Instagram Stories every day.

“Social media is absolutely massive and it continues to grow each and everyday. Since Covid-19 specifically there has been a massive influx of users online and time spent on social media.”

Till added that while the social media space might seem foreign and intimidating for many entrepreneurs, the platforms themselves often offer specific guidelines, tips and tricks for businesses. “Instagram Business, Facebook Business… these things do exist. Sometimes you really don’t need to pay hundreds of rands to get your social media presence started but rather take the time to do your research.”

Till and Pretorius encouraged entrepreneurs to take advantage of the online space and make the best of it as it could be quite beneficial for both boosting sales and attracting potential clientele.

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