How To Build Your Personal Brand Online

When thinking about science and education, names like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson come to mind. This is an example of personal branding in action. If you’re able to come first in mind about a topic, then you have the ability to influence a large number of people and achieve important goals.

However, personal branding is not about achieving a celebrity-like status. It’s about taking control of your online image to present yourself in a way that creates a positive impact. In the process of building a personal brand, you’ll get several benefits:

  • You’ll be able to stand out from other people competing in the same space
  • A carefully crafted personal brand can impact whether you get a job
  • Clients and customers will find it easier to trust you and learn more about you
  • You can leverage your personal brand to grow your business

In this post, we’ll focus on some practical steps you can take to create a personal brand online so that you can meet your personal and professional goals.

Setup your website and social media profiles

The first step that you can take is to help people find you online by creating a website and different social media profiles with your name. It’s important to do this as soon as you can because if you can get social media profiles with your name as part of the URL, you’ll be easy to find and remember.

Try to get a social media URL that includes your name

It’s important to create profiles on all the top social media networks. That includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Also, it’s important to create your website with your name as the address; this is the place where you can brand yourself and control many design and content aspects that you can’t on social media.

Creating a website with your name will give your personal brand a boost

Building your website and getting on social media like YouTube are tasks that take a considerable amount of time. It’s also frustrating when you learn that the domain name or URL you want is taken. You’ll need a tool like Nameboy to help you make the entire process easier by identifying what names are available and getting suggestions for new ones.

Now, here’s a critical part of making your social media profiles and website: you must fill in as many details as possible about yourself. Too many people leave their headlines and about sections on social media blank. And it’s very common to see people’s ‘Experience’ and ‘Qualifications’ fields filled with half-heartedly written content.

When you’ve set up your website and profiles on social media and added as many details as possible, you’re ready to reach out. You’ll have platforms from which you can engage with others and build your online reputation. Let’s look at the next steps you need to take to shape your brand.

Start writing and posting

The content you create will shape and secure your online reputation. There are several different types of content that you need to create on a…

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