Content Marketing Trends + 25 Statistics

This one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. It’s a slow-cooking trend that has been in play since the internet first became mainstream and is largely based on the meteoric rise of platforms like YouTube.

There has been a consistent, drastic shift in how younger people consume content, with many preferring online content over cable.[2] Many YouTubers pull in more views than entire cable organizations on a regular basis, creating a fertile advertisement base for those who market online. A big exception is streaming services, where traditional TV shows and movie entertainment is consumed by the younger demographics more than cable.

Videos often stay up on their platforms for long periods of time, too, allowing them to circulate so that more people can see them, which is why there is a growing trend of advertisements being buried within the video itself.

With all of this in mind, it seems that brands are expected to produce video content of some form.[3] Failing this, live stream content has also become more popular. It’s become popular in many communities online, particularly through video gaming, but where brands are concerned, over 80% of consumers would rather see a live feed from a company over a static blog post.[4]

This means that companies should focus on video-format user-generated content, whether that’s live or pre-recorded, to garner interest online. These can be reviews of your product or service, including testimonials and demonstrations, as well as Q&A sessions and other interactive content that engages the audience and shows them that show what your brand is about.

Target video-hosting platforms and social media, from Facebook and Vimeo to Facebook and Snapchat. Having your own site that you can also host this content on, and link to it when your content is featured on other platforms is a plus. If you have more traditional avenues of marketing, you’ll be happy to know that it’s quite easy to convert video content into either written copy or audio-based content, speaking of which…

Podcast Listeners Continue to Soar

Audio-based content, in the form of podcasts, has also seen an increase alongside video-based content. In the last decade, the number of people who have engaged with podcasting content has doubled.[5] This number is only predicted to grow, especially as more recognize the trend and jump in on the action themselves.

It’s an especially accessible medium for those on the go, with many using podcasts as background listening whilst they work or perform other tasks. A larger listenership is one thing, but it also seems that the nature of the engagement itself has changed with audiences becoming more likely to engage with the content connected to the podcasts they’re interested in.[6]

As we explained above, it’s pretty easy to transform video-based content into audio-based content, so it’s worth doing if you’re already producing videos. There still should be intentionality behind your…

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