Now is the time to boost your digital marketing skills with these 10 training bundles…

TLDR: These 10 collections of marketing training explore how to create solid ad copy, build audiences through social media and drive thousands of new customers to your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur or somehow responsible for the marketing of a brand or product, 2020 was likely a scary time for you. Many old rules changed, but new ones cropped up to take their place. What worked six months ago doesn’t necessarily work today. And who knows what things will be like six months from now?

With all that uncertainty, it pays to be up to speed on…well, pretty much everything. These 10 bundles of marketing training explore all manner of selling today, from old school copywriting to very new school social media messaging. And as part of our early access to Black Friday deals, you can take an extra 70 percent off each of these offers by entering the promo code BFSAVE70 when you make your purchase. And best of all, there isn’t a thing here that costs more than $15 with the code, so feel free to load up for 2021.

1. The Complete Affiliate Marketer Bundle – $8.70 with promo code: BFSAVE70

Even if you don’t sell anything yourself, you can still make money promoting someone else’s products. This eight-course package of learning explains all the steps of affiliate marketing, including how to blog for business, building brand identities, generating infinite content ideas, and more. Before you know it, you can have a steady stream of passive income coming your way.

2. The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Certification Bundle -$8.70 with promo code: BFSAVE70

Over seven courses and 30 hours of training, you’ll learn the complete ins and outs of selling on Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform. There’s instruction here in how to build sales funnels and target Facebook advertising right to the users most likely to engage with your product. Even if you’ve barely ever changed a profile pic, this training can get you started.

3. The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle – $11.70 with promo code: BFSAVE70

Copywriting has been the backbone of advertising for decades. This collection of 11 courses conducted by veteran ad men Alan Sharpe and Danny Liu explore what it takes to make copy that grabs an audience, elevates a brand and actively leads to real sales. You’ll also learn 30 useful tips that came from Volkswagen’s 1960s and 1970s newspaper ads, long hailed as the most successful ad campaign of all time.

4. The Start-to-Finish Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast Bundle – $13.50 with promo code: BFSAVE70

Podcasting has quickly become one of the most important marketing platforms ever. With these nine courses packed with nearly 40 hours of instruction, students will follow all the steps through creating, delivering and producing a professional-grade podcast that will get attention. You can have a new podcast up…

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