Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding and Event Clients

Before you can book a client, you need to attract them with value and establish a mutually-beneficial relationship. Connection-building has moved to a digital space because of COVID-19. You must learn how to break through the internet noise and position yourself as a helpful expert who can solve your potential clients’ pressing wedding and event problems.  The best way to do that is to craft an engaging marketing funnel that captivates the attention of your dream client, builds bonds, and nudges towards the sale.  The process begins when someone downloads a lead magnet. 

A lead magnet or freebie is a valuable piece of content that you give away for free in exchange for your ideal customer’s email address.  Email marketing will create a consistent channel for your prospects to get to know, like, and trust you.  Spending several thousands of dollars on a wedding planner, event production, or rentals is not something most people undertake without a considerable amount of understanding and respect for their chosen vendors.  Content and email addresses are the currency of email marketing.  Your goal is to get email rich.  By earning the right to contact your prospects via email, you will increase your chance of building enough report to close the sale. 

A compelling piece of complementary content will address your ideal client’s main problem at the most advantageous place in the buying process.  As leads plan and prepare events, their needs and behavior change.  You want to target them at the beginning of their journey so that you have enough time to become a familiar name before they complete their vendor selection process.  That means addressing a problem like getting started with planning an anniversary party is more useful than talking about how to write thank you cards that sound unique.  Make sure to tie the problem into what you sell and your promotion strategy.   

When you construct your lead magnet, start with the pain point and include what they will need to do to solve it.  Do not feel obligated to dive into details of how to resolve issues.  That is what they will get when they pay for your services.  Your goal is to provide the instant win of clarity so that your potential client will feel grateful and see you as a problem-solver. 

The simplest form of a lead magnet is a PDF.  You could create a checklist, guide, or list.  If you are feeling more creative, quizzes are highly effective email list building tools.  Developing them involves a bit of web layout work, but the results are worth it.  Most people are curious about their type or how they stack up.  Quizzes help solve burning psychological questions in an accessible format.  Regardless of the delivery method, you would still offer value and provide solutions. 

Here are three common client problems and lead magnet ideas for each: 

Problem: Dealing with…

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