Analiese Ross, Founder of AMR Digital: 6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t…

Boulder, Colorado native and Founder of AMR Digital, Analiese Ross is a social media expert. She and her team at AMR Digital have helped hundreds of small businesses develop social strategies to build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive conversions. 

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In 2016, Analiese had recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a marketing degree and landed her first job as an account manager at Yelp in San Francisco. She soon realized that the telemarketing world just wasn’t for her. Feeling discouraged, depressed, and a bit lost, she quit her corporate job and returned home to Boulder. 

Determined to put her marketing skills to work, Analiese began offering social media services to a few local small businesses in her community. What started as a “favor” soon began producing incredible results. Within just a few months, she’d helped one business triple their online presence and client acquisition. 

Word of their success spread, and she began to acquire new clients every month until she was unable to meet the demand for her services. She decided to legitimize what had previously been a freelance business, officially created AMR Digital and brought on her first employee. Her success only catapulted from there. As Analiese has grown her team and massively scaled her client list, she continues to prioritize working with small businesses and utilizing the same key principles that generated incredible success for her first clients. 

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Four years later, Analiese is privy to some of the most common mistakes small businesses make in their social media strategy. Today, Ross shares the top 6 mistakes that businesses are making that hinder social media growth and results.  

  1. They put their business before their customer. Many businesses make the mistake of utilizing the age-old “make it and people will come” strategy. Analiese warns that this doesn’t work on social media. Instead, businesses should take a  “people first” approach, and reverse engineer their sales process. Look within the community. Find out their interest. Listen to their wants and needs and create a product or service that serves the community (not the other way around!) 

  2. Their content is being seen. No matter how great the content is, it’s useless unless the right people are seeing it. “If your social content is being seen by the same 90 people every day, half of which are your family and friends, it simply isn’t going to lead to sales,” Analiese explains. Hoping content is going to get in front of the right people isn’t a strategy. Take action! The way to grow a following and bring in customers is to find the right niche. Analiese outlines exactly how to go about doing so:

    a. Identify who the ideal client is. Where do they live, what do they do, how do they behave online?

    b. Make a list of 10 people who the ideal clients engage with on social media. Take note of the individuals that are the most engaged (i.e….

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