Singer Abby Jasmine talks new album, social media

Album art is meant to tell a story, as the singular piece of visual media is meant to represent the project as a whole, musically and aesthetically. At first glance, rapper and singer Abby Jasmine’s newest release, “Who Cares? (Deluxe),” is appealing enough to garner a potential second glance, but not much beyond that. It’s when I listened to Jasmine tell her experiences that I began to look further, giving context to her artistic direction beyond her multiple albums and EPs. 

“I wanted to showcase having the finer things and people catering to you, but not being concerned about all of that,” Jasmine described while detailing how the cover art came about. “Material things don’t excite me, I’m a very down to earth person.” 

The carefree and fleeting tone that Abby carries in conversation makes her flow on songs like “Stay With Me” and “Groovy” all the more soothing. The emotion never feels separated from her vocals, letting the instrumentals follow her lead, rather than the other way around. Cadence seems to come easy to Abby, but creativity is a more complicated process, with the pandemic having adverse effects on this artist’s musical output. 

“I lacked a lot of self-discipline before the pandemic,” Abby explained. “I’m big on my house being my relaxation zone. I don’t think about work or making a song here. This is where I detox from all that stuff. When you’re in the studio, you get people on your ass. When you’re at home, you gotta stay on top of yourself.” 

Being stuck at home and forcing yourself to be productive is a steady struggle for a lot of us. Regardless of how much work we actually get done, there is often a lot of downtime. These suggestions might have been cut back in March, but people are just kind of sick of this right now. 

Social media is harder to avoid than ever, but Abby tries to find the joy in this attachment. While the artist has just under 350,000 Instagram followers, her Twitter is where she gets to know her fans and even communicate with them on a regular basis. 

“I think it’s important for artists to engage with their fans in any way that they can,” Abby said. “For me, I like to be on Twitter a lot. Everything comes in real time. For Instagram, it’s hard to reply to people and have full on conversations. Twitter is the best platform to engage with my fans. Everyone needs to be active on social media to a certain extent. Too much of anything is bad.” 

Abby knows social media, just as many Gen-Zers do. They grew up with it. But Abby took what can be a detriment to many people’s lives and made a career off of it. That was not the intention though, as her relationship with social media is a story in and of itself. She was a Vine freestyling sensation who transitioned to music, successfully. Her welcoming presence on social media now reflects her lonely 14-year-old self. 

“I definitely did get on social media because I didn’t have any…

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