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Both internet and face to face interactions are important to nurture your relationship.

TODAY, massive and incredible advances in technology have greatly impacted on all areas of our lives – medicine, agriculture, housing, transportation, education and communication. As technology evolves the different ways of communication like mobile phone, email and social media have become an integral part of our relationships. 

Today billions are using the internet. For example, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest network on the internet with more than 320 million users in over 200 countries and territories. There is a growing tendency to switch from face-to-face to the internet in communicating with our lovers. Many fear that the prediction of Einstein that technology will in future take over human values may come true soon. So we ask; which is better, internet or face-to-face interactions?

Advantages of internet interactions
With internet interactions you don’t have to go out on dates or buy gifts. You meet people outside your social settings who share your values quicker. Internet interactions can be good in your pajamas or when you are well dressed up.

You control when and how much you want to communicate. Some have the thrill of sex-texting. Studies in USA show that two out of five relationships start on the internet

Advantages of face-to-face interactions
Face to face interactions occur naturally. It is an effective way to communicate with your lover face to face because you interact ‘in real time’- you are present in the same time and place and according to psychologist James Borg, human communication consists of 93 per cent body language and paralinguistic cues. This means your body speaks better than words. You have better rapport and are better heard. You gain better understanding of your lover’s interest in the relationship.

Lovers lie and hide information about themselves on internet interactions. A survey shows about 61 per cent of users have concerns about misrepresentations in internet interactions and according to researcher Lori Gottlieb, while men lie about height and wealth, women lie about weight and age. This does not happen in face to face interactions.

In face-to –face interactions you showcase your personality. You can talk and answer questions faster and clear misunderstandings without delay. You have better opportunity to address sensitive issues or delicate situations. Again studies show face-to-face interactions create meaningful and memorable relationships.

Which is better?
Online interactions have increased greatly over the decade because it is great, convenient and flexible. It is the only option lovers have in long distance relationships. Internet interactions therefore help us to communicate, enhance our lives and build our relationships.

Face to face interaction is also great and gives more effective connections. In fact, studies…

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