Entrepreneurship in the pandemic is always a challenge, even for Martha Debayle

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  • The announcer and businesswoman looks to the future in a difficult time for the world.
  • Passion is fundamental to starting a business.
  • We are stronger than we think.

Who in this world doesn’t know Martha Debayle ? Loved by many and criticized by others, no one can deny that when it comes to business, she does it very well. She is a woman who, regardless of challenges or scandals, knows that life goes on and hard work much more.

For the launch of her new Martha Debayle x Ivonne fall-winter collection, we talked with her about her experience as an entrepreneur, her passion for fashion, the pandemic, the future in business and of course, some advice for entrepreneurs.

Image: Courtesy Martha Debayle x Ivonne

Entrepreneur en Español (ENT): What has been your process as an entrepreneur?

Martha Debayle (MD): I don’t have a background in finance and business, so I have been guided a lot by my instincts and intuition. Also, I have always had my ears and my heart very open to the audience to understand what they want.

From the day BB Mundo was born, almost 21 years ago, with the idea of generating content for parents, I realized that there was very little information out there, intelligent, deep and rigorous for new parents.

When I decided to start making magazines with BB Mundo , then with The Beauty Effect and Moi , a lot is instinctive and to see the results of the audience on different platforms, such as social networks. We realized how they loved the way we curated content and that’s why, despite the fact that the publishing industry was in a tailspin at the time, we decided to launch three titles on paper.

Likewise, when I made Martha Debayle Home , which were products for the home, the clothing collection or the launch of the shampoo , they were all very natural things for me, because they are things that I love, I identify myself and people recognize me.

All this was born not only for the pleasure of sharing with people what I am passionate about, but because I realize that there are people out there who are very similar in what I am related to. All business initiatives have been instinctive to satisfy a market need out there.

Image: Courtesy Martha Debayle x Ivonne

ENT: From your experience of going ahead with your business in the middle of 2020, what can you say to female entrepreneurs?

MD: 1. Have a plan

Be clear about where they are going, what they want to achieve, be willing to carry that weight, bring their project to fruition and make it grow.

2. Don’t be afraid

I think that many times we stop to do many things because of the fear of failure and if that happens it is just a hard lesson, but you have to get…

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