SAPB brings the humor with Josh Peck

Former “Drake & Josh” star reflects on the entertainment industry, the arts and growth during the pandemic

Our generation’s childhood has been defined by the renowned sitcoms on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. One sitcom in particular, Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh,” was a memorable and iconic show to many. On Oct. 12, the Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) hosted “A Zoom Webinar with Josh Peck,” bringing star Josh Peck to Binghamton University students’ screens amid quarantine.

Despite being a childhood idol for many attendees, Peck was his typical hilarious and goofy self, never taking himself too seriously. He began the webinar pretending to do a grand stage entrance, while Sophia Cavalluzzi, SA vice president for programming and a senior majoring in English, and Shaye Dorsey, a senior majoring in history, cheered and clapped to fabricate the excitement Peck would have heard from an audience if the event was in person.

Peck first discussed how his year with the coronavirus pandemic has been going. He explained how having his son, Max Peck, has deepened his humanity and understanding of emotions such as happiness, love and fear more than ever before. He also laughed about how weird quarantine has been, which is relatable for everyone.

“2020 is like my teenage years when I was fat on television,” Peck said. “Not the best, slightly uncomfortable, but what came after that was an incredible butterfly that emerged.”

Peck moved on to opening up about his experience with breaking into comedy and the entertainment world. Growing up as a chubby kid, Peck explained how he used comedy as a defense mechanism. Making people laugh and performing stand-up comedy started as an outlet for him, but his talent in entertaining was eventually discovered by Nickelodeon. Additionally, Peck was happy he was an actor on the show before the time of instant stardom for Nickelodeon and Disney actors, such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Peck simply just wanted to entertain people and make them laugh, then go home and play video games with his friends.

Although the silly questions and jokes were hilarious, Peck was eventually asked the inevitable questions about his time filming “Drake & Josh.” When asked about his favorite memory from the show, he surprisingly brought up a memory that most people would cringe at the thought of. In the episode “Two Idiots and a Baby,” Drake and Josh babysit the son of Mr. Nichols’ boss. When filming a scene where it was supposed to appear as if the baby was peeing on them through special effects, the baby actually began to pee on them. Yet, Peck remembers this moment as a fond memory of achieving his dreams of acting.

“I just remember being like, I’m getting paid right now to be funny and I’m also getting peed on,” Peck said. “And it’s been my dream to be on Nickelodeon and here we are.”

Peck also explained why he thinks “Drake &…

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