Atlanta-based Romp + Tumble offers sustainable way to clothe growing babies and toddl…

In the past several years, there has been a shift in the way people purchase clothing. Online shopping is the norm, and subscription services have grown in popularity. In addition, people are more aware of the environmental impact of textile manufacturing. This has prompted many to seek more sustainable ways to purchase their clothing. 

“Overall in both baby and adult – people are relooking at their purchases and there is a shift in terms of trying to minimize the impact of textiles on the environment. Especially now, with the virus, consumers are being more thoughtful about their purchases,” said Tara Ghei, founder of Romp + Tumble

Her Atlanta-based company is offering a sustainable way to clothe growing babies and toddlers. Parents who subscribe to Romp + Tumble get a bundle of curated clothes shipped to their door, and they can send back clothes once their child outgrows them. Best of all, shipping is free both ways. 

Tara Ghei, founder of Romp + Tumble

“Parents enjoy seeing their babies in cute clothes,” said Ghei. “However, babies grow so fast that parents, particularly moms, invest a lot of time shopping, organizing and storing clothes. Then there’s the added challenge of how to get the clothes out of your home, sustainably.” 

Romp + Tumble rents baby and toddler clothes, from sizes newborn to 3T. Parents who subscribe to the sharing/exchanging platform have the option to fill out a design questionnaire. The team at Romp + Tumble then curates a personalized bundle for every child based on age, size, and developmental stage. Each bundle consists of 22 items of new and “like-new” eco-friendly clothing–stain, hole, and odor-free. The company partners with women-led brands that ethically produce clothing crafted from quality raw materials. 

Most companies are founded by providing a solution to an existing problem. “Coming from a demanding career in corporate finance, I have experienced and observed the challenges faced by working moms who are also managing “second” and “third” shifts at home. This is the problem I can’t let go of,” said Ghei. 

The entrepreneur spent most of her adult life as a finance leader, holding positions at several Fortune 500 Companies. When Ghei became a mother, she continued to achieve success at her professional goals while also raising two young boys in a dual career household.

She explained, “On paper it looked great: my resume didn’t show the string of burnouts that I pushed through regularly after having kids. My friends and family didn’t understand why I was perpetually exhausted. And I am not alone. Many of us are struggling to keep it together…with kids, a demanding career and often a partner who also has a time consuming career.” 

Ghei founded Romp + Tumble by merging her background in business with her role as a mother. The inspiration to start her own business struck one day as she was boxing up her children’s baby clothes to send to…

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