How to Optimize Your Website With Video

Here’s how you can better use video on you site.

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Today, people spend an average of 16 hours a week watching online videos, and 84 percent of them have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching the video. YouTube says that 70 percent of video consumption is happening on mobile devices. That’s a lot of videos being consumed every day. 

Businesses who aren’t using video on their websites are missing out on a lot of potential traffic, customers and revenues. Most marketers will optimize their videos for search, but there are other ways to improve your website’s search results with video. So, if you’re starting with video on your business website or looking for help optimizing it, keep reading.  

Here are seven ways you can optimize your website with video and reach a wider audience. 

1. Encourage video client feedback

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk than type, so tools like Typeform’s VideoAsk platform make it easy to do. People can create and submit   videos with these tools pretty quickly. Marketers can use these videos to go beyond data analysis and get invaluable information from people’s facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. 

2. Answer client questions

A video-based FAQ can be a creative way to answer client questions. You can still provide customers with the information they’re looking for and build more trust with them. Seeing the faces of your employees helps humanize your brand and products, deepening the relationship and trust. Be sure to keep each video short and focused on a single topic to deliver the best results.

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3. Foster brand loyalty with thank you videos

Saying thank you is an integral part of any relationship. It can improve the customer experience and foster loyalty to your brand. For example, when someone downloads a lead magnet or subscribes to your newsletter, thank them with a short video, then ask them to complete one additional task, such as filling out a quick survey. Video is a powerful tool when saying thank you because Vanessa K. Bohns writes in the Harvard Business Review that people are 34 times more likely to respond to any requests made in person than in writing. 

4. Increase time spent on page

From an SEO perspective, videos can have a significant impact on your website. They can increase the time spent on-page, which is a ranking factor for Google. Further, by including keywords in the video and related transcriptions on the page, you’ll also increase your rank for keyword searches. 

5. Choose…

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