25 Smart Content Marketing Examples With The Best Results

Have you ever felt that you are running out of ideas for your content marketing campaigns? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Content marketing is all about using content to attract and retain visitors and eventually turn them into customers. And most people who use it know it’s effective.

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Content marketing is mainly about using content marketers using content to grab visitor’s attention and turn him into a potential customer at the end. Also, most digital marketing experts who use it know it’s efficient.

Content marketing can seriously be hard work.

As per a study by Zazzle Media, 60% of businesses have trouble generating content regularly, and 65% find it challenging to generate content that will lead to engagement. As we know, if you’re not engaging your visitors, it means you are losing money.


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If you are frequently running content marketing campaigns, it would be hard to produce new ideas regularly and keep the motor going.

And that’s why we have made this article. We have got you an amazing collection of successful B2C and B2B marketing campaign examples to be your inspiration in your next one. From social media and blogging to visual marketing, focus on this to get the best results.

Here are some creative marketing examples that will help you to find new means to get inspired and create your own creative content marketing campaigns to win sales and leads.

This is the table of content to know what will the article point be about, and what are the examples you want to see the most.

  • Blogging Examples
  • Social Media Marketing Examples
  • Tried-and-True Content Marketing Examples
  • Visual Content Marketing Examples
  • Video Marketing Examples
  • Ebooks and Resources Examples
  • Other Content Marketing Examples

And now, Let’s start!

Blogging Examples

Blogging is most of the time the first thing that comes to the minds of people who want to start content marketing.

Blogging will help you grab your visitors’ attention with the useful information you provide them with. It also gives your content more opportunity to be fleshed out your social media and enhance your SEO efforts. Some marketing examples are doing it right.

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best content marketing examples, as it is a 3-pronged content marketing strategy.

In the beginning, Buffer used to guest bloggers to increase their initial growth, also used to write 2 times every day and published content on high-visibility websites. So, this growth strategy was very helpful for Buffer to attract their first 100K users as a start.

On Buffer’s blog, it focused firstly on writing for the people who were influencing their customers, generating high quality, and increasingly sharable content.

Now, Buffer has 4 blogs, including the Open blog and the Transparency blog, they have shared business news over the years. Also, they share the best content with their regular

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