7 Creative Ways to Try Culture Marketing on Social Media

Most brands use social media to showcase their products and services, which makes sense. But social media can do so much more to bring your brand to life. These platforms are all about people connecting to people, so why not use them to show people who you are? Through culture marketing, you can spotlight your people, celebrations, jokes, and behind-the-scenes fun—and attract the people who will become your true lifelong fans.

How to Do Culture Marketing on Social

From LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, we see brands posting culture marketing everywhere. But the truth is not everyone does a great job.

A blurry photo snapped at a company lunch? Boring. A rainbow logo for Pride month? Basic. Remember: Good culture marketing is about connection.

How can you stand out? Get creative. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite IRL examples of culture marketing on social media, along with tips to help you do it yourself.

Whether you’re looking to educate, entertain, or inspire your followers, we hope you find some helpful ideas here.

1) Use culture marketing to show off your lighter side.

Nobody wants to support a faceless, nameless, boring brand. They want to engage with lively brands full of people with personality. Thus, creating humorous content can be a powerful way to attract the right people (as long as it’s appropriate).

Don’t be afraid to show off your lighter side, whether it’s funny things overheard in the office, pranks, or jokes.

Example: The team at Petsmart takes this to the extreme with a ridiculous video of a potential new coworker.

2) Share company announcements.

Let’s be real: In the world of content, company announcements are usually at the bottom of the totem pole. They’re often boring, dry, and irrelevant to anyone but the people inside your company, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Social media is a great channel to broadcast what’s happening inside your company—with a creative twist.

Example: When Expedia announced their new CEO and CFO, they didn’t do it with a lengthy press release. Instead, they treated their new team members as draft picks, highlighting their career highlights and records. This was a clever way to make the news interesting and exciting.

3) Invite people to join in on your fun.

Culture marketing is especially powerful when it makes people feel like they’re part of your team. Look for opportunities to include your followers in your activities, whether that’s asking them to caption a photo, do a challenge, or vote on a new product idea.

Example: Since our team works remotely, we have a weekly company-wide meeting to learn, connect, hang, and have a little fun. One week we recruited designer Jenny Famularcano to create a coloring sheet for us, inspired by one of our core values. When we shared the results of our group-coloring exercise on social, we also offered the coloring sheet as a free download. This encouraged people to join in on the fun—and gave our…

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