Top 12 Tips On How To Use Pinterest For Business In 2020

You may be more acquainted with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on as a marketer, but the truth is you should be focusing a little more on Pinterest. This top social bookmarking platform has proven to be extremely beneficial for marketers across the world, especially the US, according to traffic studies of Pinterest. In this article, we’ll list out 12 amazing tips for you to use Pinterest for business effectively. Let’s get going.

So, how does Pinterest work for business? Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of pageviews or free organic traffic? If you didn’t, now is the time to unfold the true potential of Pinterest. According to survey reports, the Google Analytics of many websites show that Pinterest is their main traffic source. It’s believed to work like magic across various niches and verticals of online business marketing.

This simple photo-sharing social platform has reached heights and in 2020, you have the opportunity to reap the best of Pinterest. If you’re looking for a new logo design or researching your next vacation destination, Pinterest is the established go-to source for reliable and attractive data for active audiences as well as marketers.

The best advantage of Pinterest marketing is that it’s low-commitment. You don’t need to dedicate considerable efforts to use Pinterest for business. As Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest says, this platform is “self-serving”.

The most important thing to remember before you jump into Pinterest Marketing is to know what you want from Pinterest. Jot down the 3 important goals that you wish to achieve for every brand you own using Pinterest. Also know how you think Pinterest will help your business.

It’s important because this platform impacts what people buy these days. A 2018 study conducted with over 4000 weekly pinners to understand their shopping habits, show two crucial results:

·      90% of the weekly pinners use Pinterest for making purchase decisions.

·      9% of the weekly pinners use this app to find out more about their purchase choice or to explore their options.

Moreover, Pinterest in 2020 drives about 33% more referral traffic to online shopping platforms than Facebook. So, if you’re here to grow, make sure to include Pinterest marketing in your already existing marketing strategy.

Here are the top three goals for Pinterest marketers.

Build Your Brand Equity

The beginning of any successful brand is to create a trust on that brand in the minds of customers. This is where Pinterest can help you a lot. If you’re someone who’s started their business recently, you can use Pinterest to build your brand equity. Old and existing websites already have a level of brand equity but with Pinterest, you can up your brand image smoothly and effectively.

If other marketing strategies have not proven to be effective to take you out from the crowd, using Pinterest for business can help you….

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