Cision’s MultiVu Wins 7 Summit Creative Awards

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The annual Summit Creative Awards entered their 26th year of acknowledging the finest creative achievements from small to mid-size advertising agencies. From more than 4,100 submissions, 27 countries, and 18 major categories, Cision’s MultiVu was acknowledged with 7 different awards in 4 of those major categories.

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Vice President of MultiVu Production Larry Cardarelli noted, “These wins are a testament to MultiVu’s success in not only video and animation production, but also in the larger team’s broadcast and content creation prowess. What we do here takes input from all our team’s expertise, including design, post-production, media relations, distribution, and strategic counsel from the best in the industry, all contributing to client success.”

The recognized video productions/series include:

For “NY ‘Wear a Mask’ Stop-Motion PSA”
Award: Gold
Category: Coronavirus Response – Single Entry

Description: Part of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s PSA contest for why people should wear a face mask in public, “NY ‘Wear a Mask’ Stop-Motion PSA” was created in accordance with social distancing guidelines while exemplifying the reasons why face coverings have become important amidst COVID-19.
Video Link:

For Cotton ‘Phosphite vs. Phosphate
Award: Silver
Category: Travel/Tourism
Description: This :45 second animation showcases new technology that allows cotton plants to convert applications of phosphite into phosphate.
Video Link:

For ‘The Inspiration. The Education. The Art
Award: Silver
2 Categories: Education Video and Not-for-profit
Description: Students from low-income communities and who are engaged in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate college. This video focuses on arts programs throughout the country that serve youth in underprivileged areas and the relevant impact they have.
Video Link:

For ‘Sustainability Gems’
Award: Bronze
Category: Video Series Campaign
Description: Utilizing on-screen graphics to visualize the concepts, the ‘Sustainability Gems’ series captures 6 different topics all having to do with sustainability, agriculture, and preservation to open a conversation and answer questions.
Video Links: 

For ‘Cotton Comfort’
Award: Bronze
Category: Travel/Tourism
Description: With strategic lighting and angles giving the appearance of 3D elements, ‘Cotton Comfort’ captures the comfort associated with basic needs – whether food, shelter, or clothing – in a way that captivates.
Video Link:

For “‘Wish You Were Here’ Broadcast Spot”
Award: Bronze
Category: Coronavirus Response – Single…

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