Best Internet Parental Control Systems

The best internet parental control system for customization



Norton Family probably offers more customization and advanced features than any other parental control system, but the fact that it does not support Mac devices will be a deal breaker for many.

Norton is one of the most established brands in computer security products, alongside offering its famous anti-virus software and a selection of privacy tools, they have one of the best parental control software under their name.  This software, Norton Family, as you can guess from the name is designed to protect families from the dangerous parts of the internet. Norton Family is loaded with amazing features and offers a lot of customization, which makes it one of the most advanced parental control systems in this list.  Norton also has no limit on the number of monitored devices, which is a huge plus. The big letdown about this parental control system is that it does not support Mac and has limited features for iOS devices. Apart from that, the app is a very powerful tool that will allow you to erect a detailed online monitoring system.

This parental control system is very well thought-out overall and offers comprehensive configuration options for each of its features. The filtering and blocking settings offer the most customization among all the systems we reviewed for this list. You can choose from the long list of pre-set content categories what you want the system to block, warn of or monitor for you. You can create exceptions for certain websites that fall under one of the categories, and you can customize settings according to age groups. 

The filtering feature is particularly effective for supervising web surfing, especially if your child uses the Norton Browser. Although the web filtering feature works well with most standard browsers, an unsupported browser can be used to avoid the restrictions of the Norton software….

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