Ted Cruz defends ‘liberals never grow balls’ tweet during Tribune Festival interview

WASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Cruz defended a Sept. 11 tweet in which he wrote that “many liberal males never grow balls,” arguing Friday that he was poking fun at progressives who are “obsessed” with sexuality in response to Daily Show host Trevor Noah calling for an end to gender reveal parties.

“Through making a joke, I was also trying to highlight that what Noah was saying — and frankly what Hollywood says and what the left says on the question of gender — I think has gotten really nutty, and so that’s why I said it. I was making a joke,” Cruz told CNN anchor Jake Tapper during an interview on the first day of the Texas Tribune Festival.

The Texas Republican posted the tweet a day after Noah filmed a segment for his show about a gender reveal party sparking a wildfire in Southern California. Noah called gender reveal parties “outdated” and said they should only happen when the child is old enough to know what gender they identify with.

“A fair point,” Cruz responded on Twitter. “Many liberal males never grow balls.”

Tens of thousands of users responded to the tweet and “#TedCruzHasNoBalls” trended on Twitter briefly. While Cruz got some supportive tweets, the vast majority of the response was negative.

Some users accused the senator of being transphobic. Others took issue with the timing of Cruz’s tweet on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks — particularly because he has a history with genitalia-related tweets on that day. In 2017, a pornographic tweet was liked by Cruz’s account, something he later blamed on a staffer.

“Remind me, Senator, are balls the things you had when (President Donald) Trump destroyed you, insulted your wife’s face, said your dad killed JFK, hijacked your party and all you did was kiss his ass?” Noah tweeted in response to Cruz, alluding to the many high-profile clashes between Cruz and Trump during the 2016 presidential Republican primary.

Tapper himself said he thought Cruz’s tweet was “crass.”

“You are a senator, you can take the dialogue or discussion anywhere you want and you take it here,” Tapper said. “Obviously, Trevor Noah is a comedian and he goes back even harder. This isn’t uniting America or having a discussion. This is just ugly.”

While Cruz admitted he had been a “smart aleck,” he said he was trying to make a “substantive point” about Noah’s statement that children should be given time to decide which gender they identify with.

“That’s pretty loopy, and it needed to have some humor responded to it because it’s being treated as this dogma,” Cruz said. “We are not far from having social media sites censoring anything that disagrees with that dogma. There’s a reason…

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