Three tips for managing a PR team

Managing a team in any business capacity can be challenging as you are bringing different personalities together and expecting them to mesh well together. 

In PR, your job is centered on building a positive brand image and good relationships with the public. With this being said, this makes it essential that your PR team operates efficiently and smoothly, so you are able to communicate at an optimal level and stay alert to any crises that may pop up. You wouldn’t want an internal crisis on top of an external one, would you? Of course not!

By taking the time to carefully plan your team practices and guidelines, you will be able to build a bulletproof team that can tackle any task you throw at them with ease. 

So how can you improve your relationship with your PR personnel? Check out these three tips:

1. Prioritise a diverse work environment

When managing a PR team, prioritising diversity is essential. Having employees of  different races, cultures, backgrounds and ages creates an environment where different perspectives can come together for a more inclusive output. 

Additionally, having a diverse team will show your clients that you prioritise equality and creating an inclusive environment for all. 

You can work towards building a more inclusive team by making diversity a top priority when you are hiring new staff members. You can also encourage an environment where employees feel like they can openly share their views and opinions, without judgement. 

This will be beneficial to your business because the representation of a diverse workforce equals an array of perspectives and real-life experiences. These perspectives will be able to educate employees about cultures and races outside of their own, in a more enriched way than via a textbook. This will lead to your team expanding their social consciousness and helping your business to grow in awareness. 

2. Define your internal task structure

Have you ever been stuck in a situation at work where you’re given a project, but you have no idea where to start? This is where a task structure may be useful. 

A task structure is a step-by-step plan that helps fully prepare employees to complete their assigned tasks in a way that uses time and resources more efficiently. 

A clear internal task structure will help to prevent confusion in your team as it will outline your employees’ responsibilities and what is expected of them when it comes to fulfilling a task. 

When your team has a clear understanding of the smaller tasks they need to complete, which form part of a larger campaign or project, it is more digestible than if you gave them all of the tasks to work out on their own. This will allow them to tackle their projects with more motivation and a deeper understanding. 

3. Value your employees’ input

There is nothing worse than working for someone who doesn’t respect you or your opinions. Thus, having an open relationship with your team allows you to build trust and have honest…

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