How to Grow Your Business From Where You Are… With Video! [Video] – Sharon Haver

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[00:00:00.03] Hello, hello there.

[00:00:02.05] I’m coming in super-fast

[00:00:04.00] because I’ve been getting this a lot

[00:00:05.09] and I know I can help you out.

[00:00:07.04] How can you grow your
business from where you are,

[00:00:10.07] which is probably home
during quarantine, right?

[00:00:14.01] Using exactly what you have,

[00:00:16.07] and not feeling like a
complete, like nincompoop,

[00:00:20.02] like you don’t know where to start,

[00:00:21.05] you don’t know what to do.

[00:00:22.09] You don’t wanna get stressed out

[00:00:24.02] because we are all going through
so much stress right now.

[00:00:27.04] You wanna just do it easy, right?

[00:00:29.08] So, one of the best things
that you can do right now,

[00:00:33.03] right now, in this time
more than ever before

[00:00:36.06] and it was really being
the big shift before,

[00:00:39.08] is doing video to connect and
grow your business, right?

[00:00:44.06] But, let’s say, listen,
before I forget guys,

[00:00:46.09] go over to,

[00:00:49.00] ’cause I got something special there

[00:00:50.01] and I don’t wanna forget it

[00:00:51.05] in my train of thought,

[00:00:54.04] But right now, while you’re home,

[00:00:56.07] while you’re in quarantine,

[00:00:58.05] you don’t have a videographer crew.

[00:01:00.09] You never did video before.

[00:01:02.07] You maybe did live events,
you were a speaker,

[00:01:05.07] you were out there, but now you’re here

[00:01:09.05] and so is everyone else.

[00:01:11.03] We all have cruddy quarantine nails.

[00:01:14.01] We all have bad, stringy hair right now.

[00:01:17.04] Maybe a couple of roots too.

[00:01:19.02] It’s normal and it’s okay.

[00:01:21.05] So how do you get out there?

[00:01:24.01] Well, you be real.

[00:01:25.02] Just like what I’m doing
with you right now,

[00:01:27.01] I’m connecting with
you, it’s really simple,

[00:01:29.09] I have my phone hooked up to
my window in my living room.

[00:01:33.06] You could see kinda the mess behind me

[00:01:35.05] because we’re pulling out some closets.

[00:01:37.01] I did put on a new top today,

[00:01:40.03] which I bought before quarantine.

[00:01:41.08] I’m going gonna tell you that.

[00:01:43.06] But the reason is because I
also ordered this necklace

[00:01:46.07] and I wanted you to see how it
went, I’m like it looks good.

[00:01:49.05] Other than that, I’m the same
as I’ve been during quarantine

[00:01:52.09] when I’m coming on for other videos.

[00:01:55.00] But what the difference is
between me and so many of you,

[00:01:58.02] which I can help you overcome

[00:02:00.00] and get to the same point with ease,

[00:02:02.02] is that I was a stylist for 15 years

[00:02:04.04] and I know how to like put
on the tzuj when I have to

[00:02:08.06] and it doesn’t take that
much more than real…

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