How I Connect Now: Tiffany McQuaid, Joshua A. McGrath, Kim Luckie

After 25 years, Inman Connect is coming to you. Get ready for the top industry leaders plotting the path forward, new business ideas and opportunities, networking like you’ve never imagined it and tons of exciting new magic, all straight to you. It’s all part of an epic new Inman experience, Inman Connect Now, June 2-4, 2020. Click here to save your seat.

In advance of Connect Now, we’ve asked many well-known members of the Inman community for their insights on how they are working and keeping their businesses moving forward in this time — in other words, How They Connect Now. Here are three responses.

Tiffany McQuaid

Tiffany McQuaid

President, McQuaid & Company Real Estate Services

What’s the biggest change in the way you’re managing your business now? 

Being separate but still maintaining a form of togetherness. We are a very socially active office and are used to the bulk of the team being in and out on a daily basis. I miss their very presence the most.

How do you find new business in a time like this? 

It’s not necessarily about finding business in the immediate moment but more about cultivating and re-cultivating the relationships of those you have touched or had experiences with in the recent past.

Taking time to reach out, reconnect and let them know, authentically and genuinely, that you care and are there without solicitation. Those relationships and the nurturing of them will build not just a good year, but a great career!  Stay loyal to those who have been loyal to you!

How do you keep morale up, for you personally, and for your team? 

In an effort to keep myself upbeat and positive so that I can assist in keeping my team moving, I take time in the mornings to get grounded in nature; a nice early morning jog at my special spot and quiet time with my thoughts allow me to stay centered. Every morning following that time, I email my entire company with tips to work on their business, words/quotes of wisdom, fun challenges for the day; some days I focus on light and laughter.  I take the overall temperature of the organization the day before based on feedback and execute accordingly the next day. My core team has been calling the Realtors daily for the past five weeks with each on rotation, so every Realtor is touched daily. I suppose they won’t care how much you know or what you offer them unless they know that you truly care.

Who in the community has impressed you or helped you most during this time? 

There are so many in the Inman community who always give me a boost via social media, whether they know it or not. I have leaned so very much on the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook page as that has become my go-to daily to stay on top of everything going on in real time. I enjoy reading the varying perspectives and different points of view. Truly a community of thought-leaders, and I appreciate being able to rely on those thoughts, whether I agree or not.

Can you share a few words…

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